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About Transformation Film Institute

Transformation film institute started with the desire to help equip the next generation of Christian Filmmakers and help them learn the trade of filmmaking with a redemptive twist. We are a nonprofit organization and strive to be Christ-centered in everything we do. Here at TFI, we want to help Christian film artists connect their faith with their passion, make it their pulpit, and take the light of Christ to shine it brightly in a dark world.

Transformation Film Institute opened its doors back in 2016 in partnership with Capernaum Studios in Plano Texas. Students came from all over the world to stay with us at Capernaum Studios for one week of intense film study. We called that our Independent Filmmakers Retreat or Spark Week.  The first three days of the week were 10 hr days of study with professionals in the filmmaking industry. Students would then write, produce and shoot a short film project in two days. Most of the videos you see here were those two-day student productions. Novices who had never worked on a film set before coming together, learning and shooting all in one week.  


Over the years we noticed that a lot of our filmmaking students found the program so rewarding that they would come back year after year. This led us to develop the one-year Fast Track Professional Apprentice Program (FTP) in 2019. 

Then came Covid... We'll skip that part because we all remember what it was like but we had to close our doors for a year and a half.

God is good and in June of 2022 TFI started classes again with a major focus on our Fast Track Professional Christian filmmaking apprenticeship program, continuing to hold Spark Week, now three times a year while expanding our horizons in regular workshops in partnership with our local churches and Christian schools.

TFI students range from absolute beginners to professional actors who have appeared in blockbuster secular films like Django Unchained and The Free State of Jones to Christian films and TV shows like Washington’s Armor and The Chosen.

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