LOGLINE: After a white cop accidentally shoots his black best friend, a church community must reconcile its faith around the night of senseless violence and tragic loss.


SYNOPSIS: ALEXIS STEVENSON (early 20s), is the youngest daughter of a popular black bishop, MICHAEL STEVENSON (50s). Alexis is the golden child, blessed with heart-stopping beauty and she has an amazing singing voice as well. She was even once a finalist on a television singing competition. To say she lives a storybook life would be an understatement. A life provided to her by her parents and her sheltered upbringing in the black church.

Alexis’ world is shaken to its core when Kevin her finesse is shot and gravely injured in an attempted robbery at his job. Alexis blames herself for the accident because she arrived unexpectedly and startled the robber, which triggered the gunfire between the robber and the police. Making matters worse Kevin is shot by OFFICER ROBERT KING (mid-20s), the only white police officer serving in their local community. Robert and Kevin grew up together, played ball on the same team, and they are lifelong friends. The fallout from the tragic shooting splinters Alexis world and challenges her faith and her once close-knit family’s world comes crashing down around her.

Based on the real-life experiences of pastor’s kids, this thought-provoking film will ask and answer the tough questions concerning one's personal faith.

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