retreat overview

You can learn ANYthing from a book or YouTube… but NOTHING replaces the experience

of working together, on a real set, with real people creating a reel project together. 

Returning students agree - it's addicting! 


You'll be introduced to:

Screenwriting - When you’re new to writing, just getting to the end of that first script is

really hard. This portion of the retreat is for those who want to write, who have a Christian film

the idea that is itching to get out, and who would like a guide or structure to help them take it

from idea right through to a first draft.

Acting - Being an actor requires a range of skills, including:

  • Good stage, screen or vocal presence.

  • The ability to enter into another character and engage with an audience.

  • The ability to memorize lines.

  • Good understanding of dramatic techniques.

  • Having the confidence, energy, and dedication to perform.

  • Creative insight.

Directing - As the director, you’ll need an understanding of the overall filmmaking process, as the directorial duties go far past just calling, “Action!” Film directors draw stellar performances from actors, as well as manage the crew behind the scenes. 

Cinematography - The cinematographer or director of photography (DP) is the person in charge of actually shooting the film. The DP is the head of the camera and lighting departments, and as such has a big role in the making of any movie. The DP has to make some crucial decisions about the look and feel of a movie.


Producing - The film producer plans and coordinates the entire film production. They are with the project from its initial development; once accepted, they secure funding and resources for creating the film. To get filming started, the film producer establishes a budget and hire staff and talent. They work with directors and production staff to plan and schedule the filming of the movie. After filming is complete, the producer works with the post-production crew to polish the film. The final stages include screening the movie with test audiences, developing a promotional campaign with advertising and marketing firms, and creating a business plan for distribution.

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Independent Filmmakers Retreat 


Meal Plan                                                $270

Lodging                                                   $450

Classes and all equipment                    $850

TOTAL                                                     $1,570

(NOTE: new friends, great fellowship, and just too much fun are all included at no extra charge!)

Scholarships are available! Call 469.655.3222 and ask for the Dean of Students

*The Lodging and Meal Plan are not mandatory but they are the best value.



     * Early Bird Special! - register 30 days before any camp and your meals are free! ($270 value!)

     * Buddy System - Bring a friend, and you each get a 10% discount

     * Bring (3) friends, you come for free!

     * Alumni Discount - all returning students get their classes for 50% off

     * Trinity Package - register by April 19 for all 3 camps and get 1 camp free!

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