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Transformation Film Institute is back!

The first independent filmmakers’ week of 2021 is officially ready to begin!


Here’s what you need to know..

When does it start?                                                                                                                             


Online training begins Monday, July 5th.

The arrival date at TFI Studios is July 11th (before 3 pm) and we will conclude on the 17th.

What can I expect?   


This is where your filmmaker dreams come to life!


Upon arriving at TFI Studios you will participate in two days of film production with our team of professionals. They will shoot a short film and demonstrating how TFI does production. Then each apprentice will participate in two more days of hands-on production for their film project, followed by a post-production day and finally.. FILM FESTIVAL DAY.


All finished and preapproved film projects will be presented for viewer enjoyment at the Cinemark Theatre in West Plano.

Expect long days with few breaks!

How much does it cost?


The total cost is $895 per student.


After registration, discounted hotel information will be provided (approximately $89 per night) hotel payments are made directly to the hotel. Transportation will be provided to and from production locations and the designated hotel. Meals can be provided with an additional cost of $12 per meal (however you can acquire your own desired meal options if needed).

                 If you have any questions:
             please call 844.583.4834 EXT. 6
        or email!

Spark Week $795

Deposit Non-Refundable


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