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Featured Projects for 2023

Every year, apprentices from all over the country come to Texas thrice to participate in a program focused on creating a short film project. This initiative enables them to learn the nuances of professional filmmaking and earn credits for their resume reels, which will help them secure employment opportunities in the future. This year, we have chosen TO KILL THE SALESMEN as the primary film for the program, along with a commercial created by one of our apprentices as the other selection.

The films shown below were written and performed by TFI Fast Track Apprentices.

2023 Featured
Student Promotional Film

2023 Featured
Student Short Film

   TFI Alumni Spotlight:
erald Mcbride Shines with New Film Release!

" Exciting news! Our former student, Gerald Mcbride,  has just released their new film, The Rhythm!  We're thrilled to see TFI apprentices taking their skills to the next level and making their mark in the film industry. Gerald honed his craft at Transformation Film Institute, which shows in this incredible new project.  Make sure to check it out and support his work! We can't wait to see what's next for Mr. Mcbride!  


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