Behind the Scenes



In the past students would come from all over the world to stay with us for one week of intense film study, we called that our Independent Filmmakers Retreat or Spark Week.  The first three days of the week were all-day 10 hr days of study. Students would then write, produce and shoot a short film project in two days. 

Most of the student videos you see here were those types of projects. Novice who have never worked on a film set before coming together learning and shooting all in one week. The experience was so rewarding that students came back multiple times. Which lead to the development of the one-year Fast Track Professional Apprentice Program (FTP).


We still host the Independent Filmmakers week called Spark Week, for students, who because of no previous experience may not be accepted into our FTP program. These applicants can use this week to grow their experience and then be accepted into the FTP program.

Students who complete the FTP program and receive their Certificate of Completion are eligible for internships with our Partner film Company, Screen Harvest Entertainment.  We will also help you secure an internship with other faith-based film companies. Prayerfully these internships will lead to full-time job opportunities or contract employment.



TFI students range from professional actors who have appeared in block buster secular films like Django Unchained and The Free State of Jones to Christian film and TV shows like Washington’s Armor and The Chosen.

TFI students are also film executives who work for the streaming platform Pure Flix and Disney, Film festival executives and Senior Pastors who want to develop their storytelling ability

Video Camera

We teach the art of filmmaking like a four-year institution and practical application like a trade school. We believe learning is best achieved by doing and documenting what you have done. TFI apprentice leaves us with documented proof of their abilities to work in the Faith-Based Film Industry. Personalized learning opportunities for each apprentice, is the TFI way. By only excepting 20 new students per semester it gives our instructors the ability to personalize the learning experience for each apprentice. We prefer our apprentice leave the Fast Track Professional Program with more than head knowledge but rather a portfolio to show they are industry professionals.

Fast Track Apprentice Brochure


Richard Polite

Managing Director

Richard made his broadcasting mark by winning five television...

Chey Sanders

Chey Sanders has been teaching, directing, coaching, writing and producing for...

LeAnn Barna

Leann Barna holds an M.A. in Cinema and Television/Script and Screenwriting...

Tad Newberry

Mr. Newberry is a 25-year veteran in film production, communications, and...

Mark Keuthan

Doctor of Philosophy, Communication Studies, areas of concentration...



We strive to bring you the most talented and noteworthy guest speakers.

Industry professionals who bring their vast professional experience to our hands-on workshops. 



Actor, Screenwriter, and Director

Director of Overcomer & War Room, Kenrick is an ordained minister and New York Times best-selling co-author of "The Love Dare", and "The Resolution for Men."


He is also an accomplished actor, screenwriter, and film director, whose credits include War Room, Facing the Giants, Fireproof and Courageous.   


Alex Kendrick is one of the most celebrated and successful Christian filmmakers in America.


Gerald R. Molen


In his epic 40+ year career, this Oscar-winning filmmaker has produced 5 Spielberg-directed movies, Hook, Schindler's List, Jurassic Park, The Lost World, and Minority Report and a dozen other great projects, including the recent mega-blockbuster, The Meg.