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The Fast Track Program aims to help
novice and working filmmakers
enhance their skills and explore their
niche in the Faith-Based Film Industry.


Participants must complete a

The 10-week online course is part

of the apprenticeship program.

The course will be conducted once

a week for an hour with a TFI

instructor. At the end of the semester,

there will be a film production in

Frisco, Texas. The classes are generally scheduled for Tuesdays or Thursdays, starting at 6 pm or 7 pm Central Standard Time.

The Fast Track Apprentice Program
has been designed to help emerging
filmmakers explore their distinct
voices and present their stories. We
firmly believe that learning is the
most effective when it combines
classroom instruction with hands-on
experience in film creation. As a part
of the TFI Apprenticeship,
participants produce a new film
every 12 weeks.









Screenwriting – Directing – Acting – Cinematography –Producing

Apprentices may enroll in up to two courses per semester, choosing a major and minor subject. They can start at any point during the program year and will be added to an ongoing class of their choice.

See pricing plans under the Program Cost Tab.

Fast Track

The Fast-Track Apprentice Program is our most comprehensive program intended to FastTrack the apprentice into professional Redemptive Filmmaking in one year.

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