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The Fast Track Program is designed to assist both working and novice filmmakers in enhancing their skill set and discovering their niche within the Faith-Based Film Industry. This program is perfect for novice filmmakers as it is self-paced, allowing them to learn at their own speed. They will also be supported by professional filmmakers and skilled apprentices.


The aim of the Fast Track Apprentice Program is to assist up-and-coming filmmakers in discovering their unique voices and sharing their stories. We strongly believe that learning occurs through classroom instruction and hands-on experience in creating films. As part of the TFI Apprenticeship, participants produce a new film every 12 weeks.


Apprentices participate in a 10-week online course, meeting once a week for an hour with a TFI instructor. The course will conclude with a film production in Frisco, Texas at the end of the semester. Classes are typically held on Tuesdays or Thursdays at either 6 pm or 7 pm Central Standard Time.




Screenwriting – Directing – Acting – Cinematography – Producing


Apprentices can take as many as two classes per semester, a major and a minor subject.


Apprentices can start any time during a program year, and you will be worked into the ongoing class of your choice.  



$8,500 per year does not include travel or lodging.


Each Apprentice must complete three sessions onsite in Frisco, Texas (or wherever we are shooting that semester).


  1. The first semester is a three-day shoot after ten weeks of online study.


   2. The second semester is a three-day shoot after ten weeks of online study.


   3. The third semester is a week-long shoot. After ten weeks of online study, apprentices are presented with their Fast Track Apprentice Certificate of Completion.


   4. The fourth semester, if you choose to take it, is for the apprentice to shoot their film project with assistance from the rest of the third-year apprentice and TFI                  professional staff.


The cost of lodging for each film production is $350 and is not included in your tuition. The Institute will be responsible for two meals daily, typically breakfast and lunch, and students are responsible for their own dinner. Usually, this is a group activity.




Apprentices must choose a deposit option and a monthly interest-free payment plan. We encourage apprentices to select option one, which completes your payment simultaneously as the program is completed. However, other options are available for students who need tuition reductions.




  1. $2,500

  2. $1,250

  3. $625 With board approval




  1. Option one $500 per month for 12 months

  2. Option two $350 per month for 18 Months

  3. Option three$250 per month for 24 Months





All options are $50


Invoices go out on the 26th of the month and or are due immediately. The invoice is considered late on the second day of the following month.

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