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Frisco Style Magazine Cover Christian filmmaker Richard Polite

Faith, Film and Fatherhood

Frisco resident Richard Polite has not only found a way to make a career out of doing what he loves, but he also inspires others to do the same.

Mr. Polite, a husband and father, is a professional filmmaker specializing in Christian films, also known as redemptive films. He has produced and directed two feature films, “Standing in the Gap,” in 1991, and “Heart of Stone,” in 1994, as well as 12 professional music videos. The 30-year veteran of the studio credits “Heart of Stone” for launching his career, after it found success among urban Christian groups.

Mr. Polite is also the founder and managing director of the Transformation Film Institute, a Frisco-based, nonprofit film school that teaches students how to create redemptive films.

Seeing From The Inside Out...

TFI in partnership with YESUSA Transformational Cities have designed a media strategy to equip students to create Kingdom-Centric messaging. RFI's forte is filmmaking. Through EZ Media Group 7, these two companies and others have the capacity to produce anything from brochures to feature films. Justin Byrd recently returned from TFI studios in Dallas. He shares his experience. This fall Community Classroom will offer a media curriculum at Booker T. Washington. Justin will be an integral part of training the Bookers to see positive life Messages in a world that is desperate for hope.

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