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TFI is a one of a kind learning opportunity designed to bring IMAGE MAKERS who have a calling in the visual arts together. The camaraderie, sense of community and purpose; which results from the collaborative work on film and television is a highly rewarding way to create visual art. TFI exists to pass on both the insight and the technique necessary to make a quality film or television show from start to finish.



Two membership options to fit your lifestyle and budget. We hope you'll join our community and experience everything TFI has to offer.


* or $12/mo for internet only membership

Annual Memberships give you exclusive access to our programs, events, and more.

The residential Filmmakers Retreat, Spark Week as its called, includes classes and a 5-day stay at TFI.


Students will produce 3 student films that week. Great for your production reel or acting reel.

Independent Filmmakers Retreats happen three times a year, all are free with membership.


Nothing replaces the experience of working together, on a real set, with real people creating a reel project together. 

Students work together on 3 to 4 film projects during the week


Students will build a resume reel of 3 to 4 films during Independent Filmmakers Retreat week, in their area of focus, i.e. acting, directing, etc.


Advisors are assigned to all Independent Filmmakers Retreat students to help identify and cultivate their gift.


Lifetime membership in TFI.



Students come from all over the world to stay with us for one week of intense film study





A one-year comprehensive program for Redemptive Film apprentice who desire to make Redemptive Filmmaking a career goal.

Help With Tuition Available   

This is our most comprehensive program intended to Fast Track the student into professional Redemptive Filmmaking in one year.

Each apprentice will have a lesson plan designed especially for them by our staff. The uniquely designed program will combine academic study and practical filmmaking applications, in each one-year program.

Students start by taking a few months of classes specially designed for each student online. Then you are flown to our studio three times in a program year to produce what you've been studying in class.

TFI will set each student up with a professional internship after the program is completed, with one of our Faith-Based Film partners.

To read more details,  you can download a copy of the Fast Track Apprentice Brochure.


Free to all members, students, and alumni.​

Students and their families attend a formal dinner where apprentice will receive their Fast Track Professional Certificates of Completion and various individual awards.


The year’s apprentice projects are then viewed on the big screen at the Cinemark Theatre in Plano,Texas. Panel discussions take place after each film is previewed with the cast and crew.


TFI also hosts a less formal couch room film festival after every Spark Week Session where students can see their film projects on the big screen and have panel discussions.



The TFI Film Festival is the culmination of a year of apprentice training, apprentice will receive their Fast Track Professional Certificates of Completion and various individual awards after a formal dinner.